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Most people can relate to having a nickname when their young. For me, it started when I was in middle school creating a unique screen name for AIM. Having the common name of Danielle my friends would call me Dani. I started creating email, AIM, and different social media users with the name “Danii Sueee” creating a unique spelling of my first and middle name. Standing out from all the other Danielle’s out there.


When I was younger, I thought that graphic design wasn’t real art. My dad believed in me and pushed me to be the best that I could be. When he passed, I immediately changed my major in school from Fine Arts to Graphic Design to honor him. I soon came to realize it was real art and I fell instantly in love.


As I progressed through college, I would always collect anything with design that inspired me. I would put it in my clear tub to open up and look at when I needed to spark some creativity. I even created several Pinterest boards that would help to organize my inspiration. Creating unique conceptual designs that fit my client’s needs. Designing logos, t-shirts, magazine layouts & spreads, products, marketing and so much more. When I started brainstorming to find my brand, I wanted to have something that really represented me when you saw it. Danii Sueee Design Studio was born.


From designing logos, t-shirts, products, to custom paintings, drawings, tattoo designs or  to organizing your closet and house. I am up for the challenge and I'm here to help you! I've always been drawn to the ocean and  I get a lot of my inspiration from nature. This company is just me.

As the owner + creator of Danii Sueee Design Studio, I value honesty, accountability, and integrity and I do it all with a strong passion. I pride myself in working hard at everything that comes through my path.  I Love working with new clients with different tastes it always makes for a great and new challenge to overcome! You should work with me because when I decide Im going to do a project I'm just as excited about it as my clients.

My mission is to create great successful designs to promote your business right the first time. 

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Rustic Beach Path

"I've always been drawn to the ocean and  I get a lot of my inspiration from nature."

How I Started
What I Do / Why Me
Artist Behind The Curtain

OWNER & CREATOR: Artist Behind The Curtain

I'm Danielle Johnson, Creator & Owner. I started drawing as soon as I could pick up a pencil (age three most likely). I drew all through school and started painting when I was in high school. I’ve always been a fanatic for the arts. When I got to college I started to expand my studies to photography, pottery, 2D & 3D design, graphic design, glass blowing and so much more! I may be a little different, but I’m more organized than your OCD Aunt. I’m thorough and always on top of things.


Currently I am a self-made entrepreneur, a jack of all trades, learning everything I possibly can to better myself. I have a home-office in Lebanon Pennsylvania. I love designing logos and other graphic arts, more often than not organizing and decorating my new home, and adventures with my soul mate. Occasionally slapping paint on a canvas for my own therapy.


When I have time, I freelance for friends and family. I help others purge and organize their homes, I flip old furniture for my home, and spend way too much time on Pinterest making boards and pinning DIY ideas/ projects I wont be able to complete in my free time LOL. I like books but don’t read enough to have the expansive collection I have. I love a good t-shirt design, fancy myself with a bubbly “can do” attitude and hope that one day I can cook more than just pasta.


I studied at Harrisburg Area Community College and got two Associates Degrees specializing in Graphic Design as well as Art & Design. I currently have more than five years of professional design experience and a lifetime of imaginative and creative thinking. Let's work together!

WHY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Educated Graphic Designer Benefits | Previous Clients & Employers

  • Professional Touch & Competitive Edge (great first impressions)

  • Saves Time & Energy (done right the first time in less time)

  • Brings Your Wants & Needs to Life

  • Can Increase Sales & Marketing

  • Cost-Effective (rather than trying & failing on your own)

  • Design For longevity (designs will be more relevant & last longer)

  • Stand Out In The Crowd (unique & one of a kind designs)

  • Better & Faster Results

  • Consistency  (helps keep your look consistent across platforms)

  • Perspective (fresher view & intake on things)

Hand Drawing

· Clipper Magazine

· Breckert Illustrated Shirts

· Brad & Sonya Wildermuth​ 

· Yvonne Johnson

· Hannah Mason

· Sugarskull Tattooing & Piercing

· Family & friends

· Some Charities

Educated Graphic Designer Benefits
Precious Clients & Employers
Typing on a Computer
What To Expect


My Design process will vary from project to project because each design is unique to each client. Here is a list of a basic breakdown of my process.

  • Consultation Meeting(what you need/quantity/size/etc.)

  • Estimated Price Quote (break down of cost)

  • Timeline Plan Reviewed w/ Dates (when things will be completed)

  • Contract Signed & Deposit Requested (before any work begins)

  • Proofs Sent & Approved (first look at work)

  • Final Invoice Sent & Remaining Balance Due (paid before printing)

  • Final Project Files Sent to You or to Print


“ I can't thank you enough for everything you've done. The sacrifices and commitment you've made to make our invites, save the dates, and future projects affordable and convenient for us! You did such a beautiful job!”

- Hannah Mason    

Custom Save the Dates, Wedding Invites, & RSVP's    

"Where have you been all my life ??? You are awesome!!!"


- Momma Johnson     

Organization- Basement, closets, pantry, bedrooms, etc.       

"This skull piece was given to me for Christmas and it hangs proudly in my office space! It's bright, energetic, and full of texture to catch the eye! Beautiful piece of art designed by Danielle! Would highly recommend her work"

- Taylor Cross    

FB Page - Custom Acrylic Painting

“ Thank you so much for dedicating your time to making the logo for us! It’s greatly appreciated! ”

- Brad & Sonya     

Custom Logo Design      

Real Testimonials
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